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Wood Stair Treads for elegant look

Wood stair treads are perfect in homes where there is a strong need and desire for a wooden staircase, however without the heavy expenses that it involves. The good thing about them is that they can be created using any type of wood that regular staircases are also made of, which means that you can easily choose from at least 30 different types of wood species.

Unlike stair treads and risers of other materials, such as braided stair treads or rubber stair treads, those made of wood will increase the value and the usability of your home. There are several ways that wooden stair treads can be built, all depending on what stage you are with your home renovation project and the type of construction that you are doing, such as the spiral stairs with iron balusters, for example.

One of the easiest ways to build a set of wood stair treads and risers is by building the stairs from raw wood construction material which will be then covered by more expensive and better looking color wood species, such as the tigerwood, oak, Brazilian cherry or walnut. This will effectively cut the cost of a set of stairs made of solid hardwood in half. One of the most commonly used one is the red oak landing tread.

When you have the actual steps of your staircases done and you simply want to cover them with something more elegant and expensive looking, you need to start looking for the best wood type to use. It is also important to look at the thickness of the stair treads, which are usually 1 inch, while stair risers are made from 1/4 inches plywood that have a decorative face veneer that will perfectly match your new stair treads. For the stingers you can use the same plywood material.

As the structure of your staircase and other stair parts are made of durable and sturdy construction material, the task of enhancing its look and feel with engineered stair treads will be much easier. You can use various screws and also adhesive to really make the wood solid in place. By using risers and stringers for the decorative top level instead of using hardwood stair treads, you are paying much less than having hardwood stairs. The 1 inch thick top layer is the more expensive part, however that is quite thin compared to the much thicker base that makes up the most of the construction.

You can also use false end treads at the sides of the stairs with carpet runners as they will give the impression of sturdy and solid treads, however they will cost less and will be much easier to install.

There are basically two types of treads: unfinished stair treads and finished stair treads. The main difference between the two is the fact that the unfinished one is sanded and ready for you to apply your own stain and polyurethane whereas prefinished products usually ship with a UV topcoat that is already applied and it is ready to install. This means that there is no need to stain the product or apply a topcoat.

Instructions On Installing Wood Stair Treads

Remove any carpeting and padding, any tack strips or staples that are on your stairs and make sure to clean your staircase so the steps are smooth and without any bumps on them.
Now that the carpets are removed, make sure that there are no squeaks (that are usually muffled by the carpets). The steps need to be level tight.
Measure the underside of the stair treads for the depth of the stair nosing. Measure the same distance on the nosing step and then use a pencil to draw a straight line across one side of the stair tread to the other one.
Cut the tread and then finish the tread end using a circular saw and a jigsaw.
Install the stair nosing, but first measure the stair tread so you have the proper measurements for the nosing. Install using nails.
You need to measure each stair tread to ensure that they are all the same. Then cut the wood that is used for the stair treads and use either glue or nails for final installation. Use the same process to install the stair tread for each of the steps of your staircase
Cleartex UltiMat Polycarbonate Stair Treads
This stair treads are easy to install and gives an elegant look to your stair case.

These are best suited for straight and curved stair cases.

They are made out of Floortex Polycarbonate, durable and versatile.

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Set of 15 Skid-resistant Carpet Stair Treads
These stair treads come in different colors and sizes to choose from.

This is a pet, dog friendly stair tread.
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Dean Carpet Stair Treads
These USA produced stair treads come in a set of 13 high quality pieces. DIY installation is easy and these treads are excellent for reducing slips for the whole family including the pets.

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Double sided Carpet Tape

This double sided tape is great for installing stair treads carpets on the hardwood stair cases. Remember to get a couple of these tapes when you order your carpet stair treads.

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