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Why Clean My Carpets?

The best defense against worn carpet may be to simply clean it before the dirt begins to wear out the fibers and break it down, causing worn spots to show up.
Carpet Cleaning Service in Tampa Bay – Unique Carpet Restoration: Cleaning a carpet may not be on your priority list for things to do this month, but it should be. Whether your carpet looks clean or not, you’d be surprised how much actual dirt would come out of the machine if you chose to give it a routine cleaning. Here’s a tip. If you want to know whether your carpet may need to be cleaned, scoot a piece of furniture over and take a look at the carpet underneath. Are the two areas different colors? Can you see the original color under the furniture where it has been protected from grime, dirt, and dust?

“It isn’t always obvious that the carpet needs cleaning”.

If you can see a difference between the two spots, call for a professional carpet cleaner to give you an estimate. If there aren’t additional stains or spots anywhere, it could be fairly cheap to get it done. What will happen if you don’t is that the dirt lying in the fibers will break the fibers down and the rug will become worn before it’s time. You could end up replacing the carpeting well before you planned to do so, as the dirt has ground away at the fibers and caused a breakdown, which leads to worn spots and early wearing.

Professional Carpet Cleaners
Many regular customers of professional carpet cleaners have their homes’ floor cleaned on a routine basis whether they need it or not. When you live in the house and walk on the floors day after day you might not notice the tiny changes that take place as the days go by. If you don’t have stains, it isn’t always obvious that the carpet needs cleaning. If you aren’t on a regular schedule at this time, try looking under the furniture to see if you need to schedule a onetime cleaning or carpet restoration. After that you can get the carpet cleaning pro to come back at the recommended intervals to keep your current flooring looking its best for as long as possible.

Let the pro know if you are eco conscious and would prefer to have alternative cleaners used on your home. Some cleaning companies have switched over to exclusively eco friendly cleaning methods. Some stains and dirt don’t respond as well and a regular chemical spot remover may be used unless you discuss it before you have the work done. Always discuss any allergies you may have or restrictions with specific chemicals with your professional carpet cleaning company.