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What to do About Carpet Spills and Spots

Blotting with a clean white towel is the best initial attack for spills and spots that have occurred recently enough to still contain moisture.
Removing Spots and Spills from Carpet:: If you’re lucky enough to witness a spill on your carpet you may avoid a permanent resulting spot. A discovery after the fact isn’t necessarily a death warrant on your nice, new carpeting, as some can be saved with the right technique for removal. It depends what was spilled and how long ago it happened. Holiday events and parties seem to be typical for finding after-the-fact accidents as they may not be noticed until everyone has cleared out and gone home.

The first step when encountering a spill on your carpet is to refrain from putting anything on it until you have removed as much of the spill as possible first.
Blotting is best for liquid spills.
Use a clean towel.
Place the towel over the spot and press to cause the liquid to be absorbed by the towel or blotting cloth.
Don’t rub or scrub the spot. Just use a blotting motion.
After the cleaning solution is applied, blot again for best results.

Test the chosen spot cleaner on a remote place in the room that is not seen. Try under the furniture or behind it against the wall where discoloring won’t be obvious in case it damages your rug. Many cleaners are great for taking spots out, but may also be too strong for your particular carpet and might take the color out of it as well.

Remember not to rub the spot, even after you have applied the spot cleaner. Rubbing tends to spread the stain. Dab it onto the spot. Then start at the outside edge of the spill and work your way inward toward the center. Using a clean rag or towel, blot up any excess liquid that remains from the cleaning solution.

The very best thing you can use to cure your stains and spills on carpet and upholstered furniture is a white towel. The thick type is best. Be sure that you don’t use fabric softener on your towels so that they will absorb the maximum amount of liquid. This is a tip that works for regular bath towels, too.

Use the towel to absorb all excess liquid and keep blotting until as much as possible is gone. When the carpet has dried, use the same kind of towel to restore the nap of the carpet. Use the towel to rub back and forth lightly to get the nap to its original upright position.