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What Can Go Wrong Cleaning Carpets?

You can attempt to clean your own carpets, but things can, and may, go terribly wrong.
Unique Carpet Cleaning Restorations: I want to clean my own carpet. Everyone recommends that I call a professional. What could possibly go wrong? Well, lots of things can go wrong, but the bottom line is that you could potentially ruin your carpet. Whatever you decide to try, be sure you try it first in an inconspicuous place. Move a piece of furniture and try it under there, or try it up against a wall in a darker corner of the room that no one really sees. In any case, experiment and then wait to see what happens before you assume its fine and go on to destroy your beautiful oriental dining room rug.

Commercial Carpet Cleaners
If you plan to use a commercially available carpet cleaner that you can rent from the store, know this. These machines use chemicals that will temporarily brighten your rugs, but won’t get the deep dirt underneath. They will also cover stains, but won’t necessarily remove them so they’ll show up once again at a later date.

“ If your carpets and area rugs are valuable or you can’t afford to replace them,
you might want to leave it to the pros.”

Dry Cleaning Your Carpets
Dry cleaning uses a powder that you sprinkle onto the carpet, then brush it in and vacuum it up. It should be obvious that this is not the best choice, although it may be the easiest. The vacuuming usually leaves some of the powder in the carpet as residue and you might have to vacuum several more times to get it all out. It’s not the greatest for getting the carpet clean either, but will do in a pinch.

Bonnet Cleaners
Bonnet cleaners, the ones that look just like the hardwood floor buffers, are hard on the carpet fibers and shouldn’t be used on delicate rugs. They are constantly in motion and require a steady hand so you don’t grind out the carpet. Water extraction cleaners work well but require some expertise. They use lots of water, usually hot, which is not good for certain fabric rugs. Silk, for example, tends to become damaged if the water is too hot. Wool carpeting can become yellowed by scrubbing too hard, hot water, or other heat sources. Wool is also prone to shrinkage when it is washed in hot water, as you may have witnessed when you washed the handmade woolen sweater lovingly knitted for you by Auntie Mabel. It now fits the toddler downstairs. The same goes for wool carpet. In any case, you must be very careful when you attempt to clean your own carpeting, as there are many things that go very wrong.