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Unique Carpet Cleaning Restorations: You take a leisurely ride home from work taking the long way home. You need the time to yourself as this has been one hectic day. You can’t wait to get in the door, kick your shoes off, throw the load of laundry in the dryer that you left in the washer when you left for work, and then just relax. When you arrive at home, however, there’s a strange feeling that comes over you. Then you smell the soap suds. It shouldn’t be so strong. You venture down the stairs to the laundry area and discover yet another disaster. And you thought your hectic day was over!

This would not be a problem if you had left the concrete floor as it was in the basement before you turned the space into a place for shooting pool, having a few drinks with friends, and enjoying your way through the winter months when it’s too cold to entertain on the patio. In your room conversion you put down a nice rug. It’s a very expensive rug, in fact, and it doesn’t do well with water and soap.

“Either try to remedy the situation yourself or call a
professional to help you.”

Apparently, the washer hose decided to let go and the soapy water flooded the basement, but not the whole basement – only the part with the rug in it. Now what do you do? The rug may not be ruined if you act quickly. First things, first, though, is to decide whether you will replace the rug or try to save it. If there is any sewage, nasty debris from under the washer, or other such damaging material, you might just replace it. If you want to save it, there is a way.

If it has been less than 24 hours since the rug was soaked, and you determine that to be the case, you can remove it and take it outside where it will be exposed to sunlight. If it’s too heavy due to the water, prop it up on chairs until it drains enough to carry outdoors. If you have padding underneath, toss that as it can’t be cleaned.

Lay the carpet out on a driveway, patio, or other hard surface and it will receive full sunlight. Use a disinfectant and work it in well with a brush or broom. Then rinse thoroughly and dry with a wet vac.

Allow it to dry before taking it back into the house. If it’s still damp, use fans or a dehumidifier to aid the drying process.
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