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Vinyl Stair Treads For Home Or Office use

If you’re looking into a cheaper alternative to braided or wooden stair treads, vinyl stair treads are what you should get for your home or office. They very durable rugs for areas with heavy traffic and they are easy to install with some glue on the top of the stairs.

They are usually installed on stairs of staircases to make the steps safer for people by preventing slips and falls. Whether the staircases are residential or commercial, vinyl stair treads can be easily installed on them. They not only proven accidents but also make the staircases more durable and extend their life shelf.

vinyl stair treads particularly in commercial buildings they are available with a grit strip that has a wider strip embedded in it similar to the grit on the sandpaper. They are a few inches wide so they are a pretty durable and stable addition to any staircase made of vinyl. For residential areas there is another alternative that comes with a slightly elevated nose that will give more traction when you’re walking. This type is not as safe as the grit strip type, however when it comes to being in a home where people can always see it, it might not look so out of place.

Depending on their manufacturing type you can find them vinyl stair treads in different thicknesses of the step area. So for example the light duty has a thickness of only around 1.8 inches, the medium duty is a bit thicker and the heavy duty is 1/4 inches. The heavy duty one is used mostly in commercial settings. Apart from stair treads, businesses also use tread risers that are available in the same colors as the stair treads to enhance the look of the stairs. You can easily find stair treads and tread risers for commercial and home stairs in several shapes such as squares, ovals and others.

Stair treads made of vinyl can be installed pretty much on any staircases indoor. It is not recommended that they should be installed on the outside stairs due to any adverse weather conditions. They should be installed on a dry and flat surface that makes it easy for the rugs to stick to the stairs.

It is not difficult to install them and actually the installation might be easier than with other types of treads such as the wooden stair treads. If you’ve ever installed rubber stair treads, the procedure is very similar. By doing it you will prolong the life of your stairs.

What you need:

Stair treads glue or adhesive
Vinyl stair treads
Tape measure
A pen or pencil to mark the spots
To install the stair treads you need first to measure the depth and width of the stairs on the staircase even before purchasing the stair treads so you get them cut to size. Usually the stairs are the same size, however there have been at times small differences, so it is best to measure each of them. – In case the stair has a ledge, that measurement has to be added to the total measurement.

Take a stair tread and align it in the center of the stairs. The tread needs to be exactly in the middle.
Use your pen or pencil to mark the place on the edges so you can align the tread easily once you have put the glue in place.
Remove the tread from the step and add the adhesive in the proper location. You need to use a glue that will bond easily with many materials including wood, metal, plastic, vinyl and rubber.
Now put back the stair tread in the position following the previous marking.
Proceed with the same steps for each of the subsequent vinyl stair tread.
Once all are done, avoid stepping on them for at least a day so the adhesive sticks in place and dries well.