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Ultimate guide to finding the best stair tread carpets

Braided Stair Treads: what about it? Well here is the story. We recently moved to a house with inner stairs going up to the bedrooms and the stairs are all made of hardwood. This is actually one aspect of the house that really drew me in, as the staircase is truly beautiful and elegant with those real wood stairs elegantly flowing upwards.

However soon we realized that if we want to protect the stairs, we need something that keeps them from becoming worn out, scratched and basically destroyed over time. However that ‘something’ should also be elegant and equally beautiful, that enhances, and do not detracts from the appeal of the inner staircase.

And not only that but it should keep us safe from any accidental slips and falls, particularly that my parents were sometimes visiting and they are not the youngest either.

But first of all we made a checklist of everything we wanted our stairtreads to include to be perfect for our inner stairs.

Should create an appealing visual interest of each of the steps, without distracting from their original beauty.

Should protect the stairs from scratches, wear and tear, discolorations and general damaging over time.

Should protect us as well from slips and falls on the slick wood

Should be much cheaper than regular carpeting – afterall we spent most of our money on the new home already.

Should be easy to install

Should be long lasting, resilient and of good quality material

So which stair treads made the grade?

So having this list in our hands, off we went searching for the perfect rugs, or staircases to buy. We went to local carpet shops and the choice was just not enough, and the colors were really off that would not match well that of our hardwood staircase and the material was not that durable either. Then we searched online, and eventually we found it: the braided stair treads in a nice deep burgundy that would perfectly match our stairways.

What sets the Burgundy Braided Stair Treads apart from others of its kind? Let’s take a closer look

When we saw this model and color at Amazon, both me and my husband were strongly drawn to it. The sleek curving at the edge, the beautiful coloring that goes perfectly with our staircases, the neat look that these threads give to each step, these were all things we liked right from the start. But then we went off researching more about the product itself, since we had a few more points to tick off our made list.

Create a visual appear to the staircases

This indeed is true, I mean just look at the stairs in the image above. The match perfectly each and every step, making the staircase look even more beautiful than being bare. Also the burgundy colors is matching equally well with the deep brown coloring of our real wood stairs.

Protect the stairs from wear and tear, scratches, discolorations and generally damages

True again. When using these treads, the steps are actually protected quite well. When we walk on the stairs, we usually walk in the middle, so this is the area that really has the most wear and tear attached to it over time. The rugs go right on top of this very sensitive area. We could get rugs that are installed from one end to the other one, however in that case we wouldn’t be able to display the beautiful hardwood steps. These braided stair treads are just perfectly laid out.

Protect from slips and falls

It is a sad fact that every year there are thousands of people only in the US alone that are falling down the stairs (particularly elderly and children are affected by this) while walking up or down without care. Hardwood can be very slippery at times, particularly when the wood is waxed, or if any water spills happen on them. And falling down a flight of stairs is by no means something fun. Many people end up in hospitals due to dislocated shoulders other bones that need sometimes surgery to be fixed. So having stair treads that effectively protect us from tumbling down a flight of stairs during the night when we sleepily go down to the kitchen to grab some water is a major plus in our book.

How much do these stair treads cost?

I was actually surprised as they cost very little. We paid for our stair treads around $110 at Amazon with a $5 discount and they were enough for around 12 stairs. We also got the entire mesh installation roll with it, which helped installing quite a lot.

Click here to read reviews, ratings on Braided Stair Treads on Amazon.

Installation was a breeze!

Literally. We installed it very fast and we were surprised at the great results we got once the rugs were up in their place on the stairs. With the mesh installation roll for stay in place safety, it was done in a really short time and quite fast. The mesh pad has a tacky self-adhesive on each side so you don’t need any tacks or hammers to install. Of course these self-adhesive parts make them non-slip as well, which is one of the features that we wanted to have in our new stair rugs. Usually when installing treads, you need to use rug padding and carpet tacks, but with this particular type, you don’t need to have any of that. Of course you also have directions coming from the manufacturer on how to install them properly, the right way.

The material is really high quality and it will last for many years

These stair treads are soil resistant, they are long lasting and are made 100% of nylon braided treads. These rugs are not only thick, but fully reversible, making them last double than other similar style rugs. However, we did buy the burgundy set as it suited our stairs best, but you can also find them in colors such as navy blue, myrtle green, beige, ice blue or chocolate. Actually we were torn between burgundy and chocolate, but burgundy won in the end.

Where can I buy the braided stair treads?

While you might be able to get them locally as well, the best place we found to have the deepest discounts (including a $5 discount for this particular set) is Amazon. Also this is one of the most reliable shopping sites online so when you buy from them, you know that you get good quality products at a very good price.