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Safety Stair Treads To Protect Kids From Accidentals Slips and Falls

If you have kids at home and staircases in the house perhaps going to the first floor you know how dangerous the combination of the two can be. This is why adding safety stair treads on those steps is a must. This is because kids are unpredictable, sometimes clumsy and hyperactive. Many times they do things without thinking and accidents can easily happen. However accidental slips and falls on the stairs is something that we all want to keep them away from.

Parents should always protect their children from misshaps and accidents, and while a parents can not always have their kids under their eyes, they can do a few things such as adding braided stair treads or other threads types on every step of their inner or outer staircases. Also anti slip stair treads can be added on any other slippery surface such as the kitchen or bathroom. All these are high traffic areas that can have water on the floor at any given time. Wet bathroom, the stairs and polished floors surrounding the stairs, work areas, porches, ramps, walkways are just some of the places a mom can add stair treads for extra family protection.

Most of these safety stair threads have an adhesive backing that are very easy to install and hardly cost a couple of dollars. You can buy several of these in one pack, many online stores such as Amazon sells them by the dozen or other amount specified. Also having a self-adhesive backing means that you don’t have to buy extra glue to install the runners on the floor. And you can install them inside but also outside since most of them are weather resistant.

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To install the safety stair treads that have self-adhesive backing you need to clean the surface thoroughly, then peel off the backing of the thread (usually the backing is made of some sort of paper, very easy to take off), and then put it wherever you want to have it on your floor. Make sure though that since threads are usually placed in the middle of the staircases steps, you have to measure the proper location so it is not installed skewed.

Depending on your home needs you can buy them in two different sizes, standard size and large size, and also in several types of high traction surface. In case you want your rugs to also match the ambient of your room, you can get some that have a carpet effect. They also work in collecting the dust and other small debris that are brought inside with the shoes, and also act as a cushion. To clean the inside types all you need is use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum them on a weekly basis from the accumulated dust and debris and for the outside ones you can use spraying pressurized water for heavier cleaning.

A stronger type of treads are the rubber stair treads which are more durable and made of heavy duty rubber material that can be used very easily outdoors for extra protection. Many businesses are using this type on their staircases. The rubber types don’t gather dust or debris and can withstand quite a lot of heavy use and abuse. They usually outlast the braided stair treads by several years.