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Rubber stair treads for safety and more

Rubber stair treads are well suitable for home, commercial and industrial applications. Depending on where they are placed, they server 3 main purposes: safety and security, stairs protection and enhancing the decor of the place.

If you are in an industrial environment, the decor aspect is not so important, however for home owners it is. Rubber as material for the stair treads is one of the most common ones, along with braided stair treads. The rubber is usually made of vulcanized mix of rubber binder, pigments and reinforcing fillers. You can find them either with lightly raised disks or with squares that give you a better grip. They have a non slip surface that withstands cigarette burns, gouging as well as scuffing. You can usually find them in several colors, but various shades of gray are most common of all.

Rubber stair treads are also used outdoors, but indoor usage is also very common. When it comes to safety, maybe this is their major application. With the anti-slip surface they prevent many accidents from happening on otherwise very slippery stairs. Particularly when elderly are around, accidental slips and falls are very common. It is very natural to put rubber stair treads in homes with senior citizen living in them.

Rubber stair treads are relatively inexpensive and you can choose from variety of color and designs.

Here is a comparison table of the best rubber stair treads with customer ratings, size and other features.

Nowadays there are also heated rubber treads that help keep the outdoor stairs slip resistance particularly in winter times. Again this is mostly targeting elderly who are prone to falling due to slips. Another way of using these is by adding traction to ladder steps, truck bumpers as well as recreational auto steps.

An interesting model of these stair treads is the Glo-Strip brand. This enhances safety and it is designed particularly for people with various disabilities such as a visual disability. The strips on the treads are reflective and they effectively glow in the night, making them visible and effectively protecting people from slipping when climbing the stairs. The strips are installed usually the edge of the steps which basically defines the edge of each step, and they add extra stability to footing. Navigational guidance during the night has really reduce the number of accidents caused by elderly during the night at home.

Except for protecting people from falling, they also keep the stairs safe from wear and tear. It is much easier and cheaper to replace the tread rather than replacing the entire staircase. Particularly when the internal stairs are made of wood, the rubber staircase is very suitable for protecting it.

The rubber material makes these stair treads very durable, weather, mold, mildew and stains resistant. Many have interesting open work on their surface making them looking like expensive pieces of wrought iron. Many people are actually surprised when they touch them and see that they are in truth only rubber. Mounting these is extremely easy and can be done within minutes.

Rubber stair treads will provide you safety, when you correctly install them and properly maintain regularly.