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Non slip stair treads and rubber treads helpful tips

Non Slip Stair Treads are really good for safety. Think about all those really slippy step surfaces that there are around the house and garden. These steps generally aren’t a problem during the time the weather is dry, however, as soon as they get wet in the rain or because of spillage and cleaning they can become really dangerous. Once you have slipped on one of these steps there is always a vow to do something about them. The problem is that as soon as they dry out again we soon forget about our enthusiasm to put our plans into action. The time to do something is now, before somebody really does get hurt. Non slip stair treads are an ideal remedy for these slippery steps in your business or home.

You can add a tread and save someone’s neck. Non slip stair rubber is a deeply patterned safety tread with a diamond plate pattern in black rubber Its dimensions are 17″ x 3-7/8″ x 1/4″ thick, with a peel-off self adhesive back. It can be cut to size easily, however it won’t crack or tear. It is a great way to add grip to truck bumpers, RV steps, ladder steps, and so on.
The Brookstone colour non slip stair treads come as a set of 4 and can be got in various colours. They can be used indoors or outside to help prevent slips, absorb water and mud, and protect floor finishes. Each hardy tread is 8.5″ x 30″ which is larger than other treads and as a result will better fit most stairs. The crush resistant nubs handle heavy foot traffic both indoors and outside your home. They scrape dirt, mud and sand from shoes and trap it.
Rubber step guard
For Elegance and style you only have to look at the Rubber step guard. It has an elegant scroll design but also gives safer tread for stairs or steps. It is great for all steps if they be indoors or outdoors. The open design allows dirt, rain and snow to pass through. As it is made of rubber it provides a more safe and secure footing. It has an easy peel and stick backing to fix the step guard in place. Step guards measure 9.5 inches x 29 inches. The Outdoor rubber scroll design stair tread is produced from 1/2″-thick rubber and looks like wrought iron work. It measures 29-1/8″W x 9-1/2″D. There are also Wide Rubber Scroll Design Stair Treads of measurement 10″x9/16″x52″ Wide

The non slip caramel scroll carpet stair tread has a gorgeous beige scrollwork and basketweave styling. It will add a touch of warmth and style to your staircase. They have a non skid foam backing and will prevent slippage for pets, the elderly, and children. There are 13 in a set and each tread measures 25″ wide x 9″ long. They are rectangular shaped with finished edge style in durable long-lasting nylon.

Non slip tape has an abrasive surface which helps stop slipping. It is strong, hard wearing and easy to install. It is also moisture and weather resistant. You can use it on decks, stairs, docks and other areas that may be slippery. The colour is black and 2 inches wide. It comes on a roll and is 8 feet long. You just cut the length you need and put it on surface that is slippery.

For some fantastic non slip designer stair treads just view the Hop sctoch chocolate washable stair treads. They are a set of 13 treads that have non skid foam backs. Each step is 27.5″ wide x 9″ long for wide steps. Protect your stairs and steps in style and comfort with beautiful, long lasting stair treads. They are rectangle shaped and finished edge style in durable long lasting nylon with quality construction. They are perfect in heavily used areas to reduce slips and increase grip. Fantastic for pets and pet owners. The washable non skid foam back cuts down on track in dirt and extends the life of your hardwood steps They are easy to keep clean as you can spot clean and vacuum.