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Make Carpet Freshening Powder to Use Between Cleanings

The house always smells fresh and clean after you’ve had the carpets cleaned professionally. Make your own carpet freshener to use between cleanings.
Carpet Cleaning Tips – Creating Your Own Carpet Freshener: Freshening up your carpeting between professional cleanings is a good idea if you like to keep it smelling clean and fresh. Use a sprinkle that is applied to the rug and the excess vacuumed up. There are commercial preparations available or you can make your own mixture using a few common ingredients that are found in your kitchen or are easily purchased.

Making your own carpet sprinkle powder at home might be something you would prefer, especially if you or someone in your family has allergies to airborne scents. When you make the freshener yourself you’ll know what’s in it and can determine what you want to use and what to avoid. The commercially prepared options are cheap enough to be used regularly, but are somewhat mysterious about their specific ingredients. The Latin and chemical names can be tough to decipher as to exactly what they are.

The basic recipe utilizes:

1 cup of dried herbs.
Use southern-wood, rosemary, or lavender or a combination.
Then add a teaspoon each of cinnamon, ground cloves, and baking soda.
Combine the ingredients well and put in a container.
Sprinkle over your carpet before vacuuming and let it stay for a few minutes.
Vacuum it up and you’ll notice a nice, fresh smell throughout the room.
There are a few other variations that you can use if you prefer. If you like the aromatherapy oils or potpourri oil scents use a cup of cornstarch, a cup of baking soda, and 15 drops of essential oils. This should be stored in a glass jar that is airtight. Sprinkle this mixture on the carpet and wait 15 minutes before vacuuming.

If you’d rather not use cornstarch, or you don’t have any handy, simply add a few drops of essential or aromatherapy oils to a full box of baking soda. This can be sprinkled onto the carpet and left on for 10 to 20 minutes and then vacuumed.

These freshening up solutions are a good way to keep your carpet and home smelling as fresh as the day you had the carpets professionally cleaned and deodorized. You can use these homemade fresheners to get you through between cleanings. They are natural, made by you, and you can be sure of every ingredient you put in the container to sprinkle on your family’s carpeting. Use what you can safely to avoid allergic reactions of family members.
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