The damage a flood restoration in sydney can do to your property is alarming. It can seep into the floorboards and basement, destroying vital structural materials. It can soak into the carpets, creating a perfect environment for mould to grow in. It can destroy your property quickly and completely, particularly if the damage is not dealt with right away and water is not completely removed. Even having a little bit of water left behind can cause rotting and damage over time that may become impossible to repair.

Thankfully, your Sydney wet carpet and flood restoration team has you covered. We’ve been service Sydney and the surrounding area for years now, helping people reverse flood damage and restore their property to its original condition.


We provide a full range of emergency flood damage services to our customers. No matter how soaked your carpet has become or how much water entered your premises, we can often reverse the damage, remove all the water and restore your property.

Of course, you have to act quickly and call us as soon as you know that flooding has occurred. The sooner we get to work, the better chance we will have of completely restoring every last bit of property.

Even your carpet, completely soaked as it may be, can be thoroughly dried and made to look like new again. Not only will we remove the water, but we will also fumigate the carpet to get out any lingering odours the flooding has caused. We will also treat it for mould, which can easily grow after the carpet has been soaked. We will restore your carpet free from water and better than ever.

Your home or business that has been affected by flooding can be restored as well. We can remove any standing water and pull water out of solid materials, such as wood or sheetrock. For certain materials, we have to act sooner than we would with others for a full water removal and damage reversal. There are certain material that if they are left soaked for too long will become permanently unusable.

We don’t want that to happen, so we urge you to make use of our 24-hour flood restoration services. You can call us anytime you want to get the very best in restoration services for Sydney.


We know you have some choices, since Sydney is a big city. There’s plenty of competition out there, even in our industry. However, we urge you to carefully consider your choices for flood restoration services. Not every team out there is equally as effective and experienced.

You don’t want to choose the wrong company and be left with a home that still has water damage you may not be aware of. You want a service that is thorough and that will remove any and all water from the property, completely restoring your building and carpets. You want a team with years of experience and a proven track record of satisfied customers and dependability.

You can trust us to get the job done right every time on time. We pride ourselves on being Sydney’s best choice for flood restoration and carpet drying services. We promise you that if you aren’t satisfied with the work we have done, then we will make it right for you.

We want you to be able to choose a professional restoration company with confidence, knowing that you will get great value for your money and that our efforts will be worth your time and investment. You can have your property restored after it has been flooded- just call us today!

I cannot begin to thank you and your dedicated staff at Flood Emergency Services for saving our home from flood damage, not once but twice!


We first met Bill when the insurance company sent him out. If you’re after a non nonsense guy that does what he says he is going to do than Bill’s your man. It was a very difficult situation at the time with our house being flooded, and Bill went above and beyond to help us get through it smoothly. Thank you so very much and we thoroughly recommend you to anyone.