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Holiday Disaster Cleanup Preparation

A little preparation ahead of time will help you to get through those emergency cleanups that tend to happen when you least have time to deal with them.
Tampa Carpet Cleaning Services: The holidays are joyous and filled with parties, gatherings, and family. Along with the joy comes the inevitable spilled punch, dropped cranberry sauce, and brightly colored cookie frosting smothered into the upholstery. The cat may gleefully charge through the house with a piece of found tinsel, knocking over plants and sending ornaments crashing onto the carpet.

Don’t cancel the holiday plans just yet. Instead you can be prepared to deal with these and other unexpected, but somewhat predictable, occurrences. Gather a few things you’ll need to help with cleanup when the need arises. Don’t assume it will be easy to find what you need when your house is filled with people and you are otherwise busy. The cranberry punch spill on the white carpet may occur at just that moment when you should be removing the pecan pies from the oven.

Put a kit together that includes what you’ll need to handle spills as soon as they happen.

Having a kit to be used for such emergencies will make it easier to not only get to the spill and start treating it right away, you can also count on others to help as well. Get a bucket or a carry all in which you can place the needed items. Place the kit into a broom closet, under the sink, or anywhere that will give easy access when needed.

What Should be in the Spill Cleanup Kit?
First, talk to your carpet cleaning professional to see what you can safely use on the particular upholstery or carpeting that you have in the house. They may suggest a specific solution that won’t stain or damage your flooring. It should be a spot cleaner used between regular carpet cleanings.

Place clean towels or rags into the kit that can be used to blot the stain and absorb it.
A putty knife can be helpful for scraping gum or sticky substances off carpet and chairs.
Use caution when applying stain lifters to carpet as some may stain the fabric or create a permanent spot that fades the pigment color.
Use the directions to test the carpet ahead of your party season to make sure that the spot remover you have chosen will work with your particular carpet.
Some of the good old fashioned stain rescue solutions include club soda, baking soda, or vinegar.
Each stain will have it’s own effective solution depending on whether it is a protein based stain or not. Have something in the kit that will handle each different type of stain possible so there will be minimal panic factor and maximum time spent with your guests.