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Common Carpet Materials and How They are Cleaned

Cleaning carpet requires that you know what it is you are cleaning. Cleaning carpet requires that you know what it is you are cleaning.Tampa Carpet Cleaners: All carpets are not created equal. That’s a fact. You’ll need to know what kind of material your carpet is made of for best results. When you have it cleaned it will respond differently to different cleaning methods depending on how it is made.

The four possibilities are wool, rayon or cotton, sisal or other types of fiber, and silk. Each different kind has its own special qualities and is unique in the way it creates the design. Some types are easily damaged by certain chemical cleaning compounds and must be cleaned in another way. Like the four different fiber types, there are also four different ways to clean a carpet. They are dry powder, shampoo, extraction, and bonnet cleaning.

Cleaning Carpet with Shampoo Shampooing involves the use of a shampooer and foam, which is spread over the area and suds is formed. The foam is worked through the fibers down to the base. Vacuuming removes the foam from the carpet. The dry powder method uses a dry formula sprinkled throughout the area onto the carpet and the dirt sticks to the powder. There is a small amount of moisture in the powder, as well as detergent and other solvents. The grime that is collected by the powder is then vacuumed up and out.

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning Bonnet cleaning methods are similar to that which cleans a hardwood or tile floor with a rotary head machine. The cleaning solution is worked into the carpet with the machine. Extraction is done externally with a machine usually found inside the cleaner’s truck or van. The machine sprays water and solution into the carpet, and then extracts the water and dirt together as it is forced through the other part of the machine.

Green Carpet Cleaning Solutions Green solutions to carpet cleaning include the use of Borax. Yes, this is the same Borax that was once used to freshen baby diapers in the laundry. It has so many uses, including carpet cleaning, and is environmentally safe in most instances. A paste can be made using the Borax, a little vinegar, and salt.
Use these ingredients in equal parts, make a paste, then rub it into the carpet. After three or four hours it should be dry and you can vacuum it out to find a clean carpet that smells fresh as a daisy. The vinegar helps to remove grease and stains, while the Borax disinfects the carpet.