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Clean Your Carpets to Reduce Allergies

Having your carpets cleaned regularly by a professional carpet cleaning service will go a long way toward maintaining an allergen free home.
Tampa Florida – Professional Carpet Cleaning: If you are experiencing symptoms of allergy when you arrive home from work or school you might be one of millions that are allergic to things that live in your home’s carpeting. Mold spores, dust, dust mites, proteins, and other substances that aggravate your sensitive respiratory system. For those that are prone to allergies, something as simple and harmless as dust can cause your body to go into germ fighting mode and stage an attack on the invaders.

In allergies, anything that you might be allergic to acts as a type of poison to your bloodstream and respiratory systems. What doesn’t affect another can easily affect you if you are allergic. Most allergens found in carpet are made up of proteins that annoy you. They might cause you to sneeze, become congested, or even begin to wheeze as though you are in the midst of an asthma attack.

Carpets Are Like Magnets to Allergies
Carpeting acts as a magnet that collects every allergen that flies through the air. The allergens land on the carpet and are stored there until removed. Sometimes simply vacuuming the carpet does nothing more than spread the offending substances around. Have you noticed that you often become more miserable as you experience more symptoms after you vacuum? That’s because the allergens are being stirred up and redistributed, giving them yet another opportunity to annoy your sensitive allergic system.

The answers are not necessarily easy, but are indeed doable. One solution is to remove the carpeting from your home altogether, which is not a popular solution at all, especially in cooler climates as the comfort of a rug beneath your feet has no equal in solid carpet free flooring. If you want to keep your carpeting you can simply go on a regular cleaning regimen to keep the pollutants and allergens to a minimum.

Try installing an air purifier, either on your whole house heating and air conditioning system, or by use of a room sized unit that is quite economical to buy and use. Then, invest in a good vacuum cleaner that has filtering capabilities, such as hepa filter and bagless operation.

The final step is to have a professional carpet cleaning service come in and do a thorough cleaning as often as recommended. You can speak to your local carpet cleaning company to see what they are able to do for you. Keep the carpet if you prefer it, but maintain it to eliminate the majority of allergens.
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