Carpet Installation – DIY From Buying The Carpet To The Installation Process

Buying a carpet is a project many people avoid because of the cost and challenge, but if you learn some basic skills for proper carpet installation, you can easily handle the job yourself.Buying a carpet is a project many people avoid because of the cost and challenge, but if you learn some basic skills for proper carpet installation, you can easily handle the job yourself.

The key to know is that you have many options, so you can not only choose the style and design that is most suitable, you can also choose a method of carpeting your home that meets your skills. There are many ways to save money on your flooring options, and one of the best is to make it a DIY project, so inform yourself to find out what you need to know.

A New Carpet Installation Comes With Vast options. The most important step to look into is the amount of carpeting options you have for residential use. It could be overwhelming, but if you assess your carpeting needs, like determining low or high traffic areas and deciding on the impact it should have in certain rooms, the choices don’t seem as daunting.Get resilient, durable materials for your high traffic areas to keep them looking new, and look into getting carpet remnants for smaller back rooms. For larger spaces, think about carpet tile installation, since you can then easily handle a large carpeting project with no more effort than a small one.

Also, think about carpets installation on your stairs. You can choose a runner for carpeting stairs, or easy to place, self-adhesive carpet stair treads. Either option will add style and security and be an easy to handle project for you.Carpet Installation TipsEach style and material will require a slightly different method, but here are some general tips for installing carpet.

1. Lay down padding first. It will protect your investment from getting damaged, and it will be more comfortable for you.

2. Find out what you need to get for carpet stretching. When carpeting a whole room, you want to avoid any wrinkles that could damage the threads, so learn how to properly stretch it out with the right tools. All the supplies you need can be rented from any carpeting or home improvement store.

3. Apply tile to carpet transition strips to reduce any height differences where it meets other flooring.

Hiring Carpet Installation Professionals. If you still feel better getting carpet contractors for the job, be diligent in the ones you choose. Ask for a quote for both material and installation and get it in writing. Also, look into their credentials, customer feedback and service guarantees to give yourself peace of mind. Professional carpet installation will obviously cost more than doing it yourself, but you can at least get the most competitive pricing and a guarantee of quality if you do your homework first.

Rubber stair treads for safety and more

Rubber stair treads are well suitable for home, commercial and industrial applications. Depending on where they are placed, they server 3 main purposes: safety and security, stairs protection and enhancing the decor of the place.

If you are in an industrial environment, the decor aspect is not so important, however for home owners it is. Rubber as material for the stair treads is one of the most common ones, along with braided stair treads. The rubber is usually made of vulcanized mix of rubber binder, pigments and reinforcing fillers. You can find them either with lightly raised disks or with squares that give you a better grip. They have a non slip surface that withstands cigarette burns, gouging as well as scuffing. You can usually find them in several colors, but various shades of gray are most common of all.

Rubber stair treads are also used outdoors, but indoor usage is also very common. When it comes to safety, maybe this is their major application. With the anti-slip surface they prevent many accidents from happening on otherwise very slippery stairs. Particularly when elderly are around, accidental slips and falls are very common. It is very natural to put rubber stair treads in homes with senior citizen living in them.

Rubber stair treads are relatively inexpensive and you can choose from variety of color and designs.

Here is a comparison table of the best rubber stair treads with customer ratings, size and other features.

Nowadays there are also heated rubber treads that help keep the outdoor stairs slip resistance particularly in winter times. Again this is mostly targeting elderly who are prone to falling due to slips. Another way of using these is by adding traction to ladder steps, truck bumpers as well as recreational auto steps.

An interesting model of these stair treads is the Glo-Strip brand. This enhances safety and it is designed particularly for people with various disabilities such as a visual disability. The strips on the treads are reflective and they effectively glow in the night, making them visible and effectively protecting people from slipping when climbing the stairs. The strips are installed usually the edge of the steps which basically defines the edge of each step, and they add extra stability to footing. Navigational guidance during the night has really reduce the number of accidents caused by elderly during the night at home.

Except for protecting people from falling, they also keep the stairs safe from wear and tear. It is much easier and cheaper to replace the tread rather than replacing the entire staircase. Particularly when the internal stairs are made of wood, the rubber staircase is very suitable for protecting it.

The rubber material makes these stair treads very durable, weather, mold, mildew and stains resistant. Many have interesting open work on their surface making them looking like expensive pieces of wrought iron. Many people are actually surprised when they touch them and see that they are in truth only rubber. Mounting these is extremely easy and can be done within minutes.

Rubber stair treads will provide you safety, when you correctly install them and properly maintain regularly.

Ultimate guide to finding the best stair tread carpets

Braided Stair Treads: what about it? Well here is the story. We recently moved to a house with inner stairs going up to the bedrooms and the stairs are all made of hardwood. This is actually one aspect of the house that really drew me in, as the staircase is truly beautiful and elegant with those real wood stairs elegantly flowing upwards.

However soon we realized that if we want to protect the stairs, we need something that keeps them from becoming worn out, scratched and basically destroyed over time. However that ‘something’ should also be elegant and equally beautiful, that enhances, and do not detracts from the appeal of the inner staircase.

And not only that but it should keep us safe from any accidental slips and falls, particularly that my parents were sometimes visiting and they are not the youngest either.

But first of all we made a checklist of everything we wanted our stairtreads to include to be perfect for our inner stairs.

Should create an appealing visual interest of each of the steps, without distracting from their original beauty.

Should protect the stairs from scratches, wear and tear, discolorations and general damaging over time.

Should protect us as well from slips and falls on the slick wood

Should be much cheaper than regular carpeting – afterall we spent most of our money on the new home already.

Should be easy to install

Should be long lasting, resilient and of good quality material

So which stair treads made the grade?

So having this list in our hands, off we went searching for the perfect rugs, or staircases to buy. We went to local carpet shops and the choice was just not enough, and the colors were really off that would not match well that of our hardwood staircase and the material was not that durable either. Then we searched online, and eventually we found it: the braided stair treads in a nice deep burgundy that would perfectly match our stairways.

What sets the Burgundy Braided Stair Treads apart from others of its kind? Let’s take a closer look

When we saw this model and color at Amazon, both me and my husband were strongly drawn to it. The sleek curving at the edge, the beautiful coloring that goes perfectly with our staircases, the neat look that these threads give to each step, these were all things we liked right from the start. But then we went off researching more about the product itself, since we had a few more points to tick off our made list.

Create a visual appear to the staircases

This indeed is true, I mean just look at the stairs in the image above. The match perfectly each and every step, making the staircase look even more beautiful than being bare. Also the burgundy colors is matching equally well with the deep brown coloring of our real wood stairs.

Protect the stairs from wear and tear, scratches, discolorations and generally damages

True again. When using these treads, the steps are actually protected quite well. When we walk on the stairs, we usually walk in the middle, so this is the area that really has the most wear and tear attached to it over time. The rugs go right on top of this very sensitive area. We could get rugs that are installed from one end to the other one, however in that case we wouldn’t be able to display the beautiful hardwood steps. These braided stair treads are just perfectly laid out.

Protect from slips and falls

It is a sad fact that every year there are thousands of people only in the US alone that are falling down the stairs (particularly elderly and children are affected by this) while walking up or down without care. Hardwood can be very slippery at times, particularly when the wood is waxed, or if any water spills happen on them. And falling down a flight of stairs is by no means something fun. Many people end up in hospitals due to dislocated shoulders other bones that need sometimes surgery to be fixed. So having stair treads that effectively protect us from tumbling down a flight of stairs during the night when we sleepily go down to the kitchen to grab some water is a major plus in our book.

How much do these stair treads cost?

I was actually surprised as they cost very little. We paid for our stair treads around $110 at Amazon with a $5 discount and they were enough for around 12 stairs. We also got the entire mesh installation roll with it, which helped installing quite a lot.

Click here to read reviews, ratings on Braided Stair Treads on Amazon.

Installation was a breeze!

Literally. We installed it very fast and we were surprised at the great results we got once the rugs were up in their place on the stairs. With the mesh installation roll for stay in place safety, it was done in a really short time and quite fast. The mesh pad has a tacky self-adhesive on each side so you don’t need any tacks or hammers to install. Of course these self-adhesive parts make them non-slip as well, which is one of the features that we wanted to have in our new stair rugs. Usually when installing treads, you need to use rug padding and carpet tacks, but with this particular type, you don’t need to have any of that. Of course you also have directions coming from the manufacturer on how to install them properly, the right way.

The material is really high quality and it will last for many years

These stair treads are soil resistant, they are long lasting and are made 100% of nylon braided treads. These rugs are not only thick, but fully reversible, making them last double than other similar style rugs. However, we did buy the burgundy set as it suited our stairs best, but you can also find them in colors such as navy blue, myrtle green, beige, ice blue or chocolate. Actually we were torn between burgundy and chocolate, but burgundy won in the end.

Where can I buy the braided stair treads?

While you might be able to get them locally as well, the best place we found to have the deepest discounts (including a $5 discount for this particular set) is Amazon. Also this is one of the most reliable shopping sites online so when you buy from them, you know that you get good quality products at a very good price.

Holiday Disaster Cleanup Preparation

A little preparation ahead of time will help you to get through those emergency cleanups that tend to happen when you least have time to deal with them.
Tampa Carpet Cleaning Services: The holidays are joyous and filled with parties, gatherings, and family. Along with the joy comes the inevitable spilled punch, dropped cranberry sauce, and brightly colored cookie frosting smothered into the upholstery. The cat may gleefully charge through the house with a piece of found tinsel, knocking over plants and sending ornaments crashing onto the carpet.

Don’t cancel the holiday plans just yet. Instead you can be prepared to deal with these and other unexpected, but somewhat predictable, occurrences. Gather a few things you’ll need to help with cleanup when the need arises. Don’t assume it will be easy to find what you need when your house is filled with people and you are otherwise busy. The cranberry punch spill on the white carpet may occur at just that moment when you should be removing the pecan pies from the oven.

Put a kit together that includes what you’ll need to handle spills as soon as they happen.

Having a kit to be used for such emergencies will make it easier to not only get to the spill and start treating it right away, you can also count on others to help as well. Get a bucket or a carry all in which you can place the needed items. Place the kit into a broom closet, under the sink, or anywhere that will give easy access when needed.

What Should be in the Spill Cleanup Kit?
First, talk to your carpet cleaning professional to see what you can safely use on the particular upholstery or carpeting that you have in the house. They may suggest a specific solution that won’t stain or damage your flooring. It should be a spot cleaner used between regular carpet cleanings.

Place clean towels or rags into the kit that can be used to blot the stain and absorb it.
A putty knife can be helpful for scraping gum or sticky substances off carpet and chairs.
Use caution when applying stain lifters to carpet as some may stain the fabric or create a permanent spot that fades the pigment color.
Use the directions to test the carpet ahead of your party season to make sure that the spot remover you have chosen will work with your particular carpet.
Some of the good old fashioned stain rescue solutions include club soda, baking soda, or vinegar.
Each stain will have it’s own effective solution depending on whether it is a protein based stain or not. Have something in the kit that will handle each different type of stain possible so there will be minimal panic factor and maximum time spent with your guests.

Why Clean My Carpets?

The best defense against worn carpet may be to simply clean it before the dirt begins to wear out the fibers and break it down, causing worn spots to show up.
Carpet Cleaning Service in Tampa Bay – Unique Carpet Restoration: Cleaning a carpet may not be on your priority list for things to do this month, but it should be. Whether your carpet looks clean or not, you’d be surprised how much actual dirt would come out of the machine if you chose to give it a routine cleaning. Here’s a tip. If you want to know whether your carpet may need to be cleaned, scoot a piece of furniture over and take a look at the carpet underneath. Are the two areas different colors? Can you see the original color under the furniture where it has been protected from grime, dirt, and dust?

“It isn’t always obvious that the carpet needs cleaning”.

If you can see a difference between the two spots, call for a professional carpet cleaner to give you an estimate. If there aren’t additional stains or spots anywhere, it could be fairly cheap to get it done. What will happen if you don’t is that the dirt lying in the fibers will break the fibers down and the rug will become worn before it’s time. You could end up replacing the carpeting well before you planned to do so, as the dirt has ground away at the fibers and caused a breakdown, which leads to worn spots and early wearing.

Professional Carpet Cleaners
Many regular customers of professional carpet cleaners have their homes’ floor cleaned on a routine basis whether they need it or not. When you live in the house and walk on the floors day after day you might not notice the tiny changes that take place as the days go by. If you don’t have stains, it isn’t always obvious that the carpet needs cleaning. If you aren’t on a regular schedule at this time, try looking under the furniture to see if you need to schedule a onetime cleaning or carpet restoration. After that you can get the carpet cleaning pro to come back at the recommended intervals to keep your current flooring looking its best for as long as possible.

Let the pro know if you are eco conscious and would prefer to have alternative cleaners used on your home. Some cleaning companies have switched over to exclusively eco friendly cleaning methods. Some stains and dirt don’t respond as well and a regular chemical spot remover may be used unless you discuss it before you have the work done. Always discuss any allergies you may have or restrictions with specific chemicals with your professional carpet cleaning company.

Common Carpet Materials and How They are Cleaned

Cleaning carpet requires that you know what it is you are cleaning. Cleaning carpet requires that you know what it is you are cleaning.Tampa Carpet Cleaners: All carpets are not created equal. That’s a fact. You’ll need to know what kind of material your carpet is made of for best results. When you have it cleaned it will respond differently to different cleaning methods depending on how it is made.

The four possibilities are wool, rayon or cotton, sisal or other types of fiber, and silk. Each different kind has its own special qualities and is unique in the way it creates the design. Some types are easily damaged by certain chemical cleaning compounds and must be cleaned in another way. Like the four different fiber types, there are also four different ways to clean a carpet. They are dry powder, shampoo, extraction, and bonnet cleaning.

Cleaning Carpet with Shampoo Shampooing involves the use of a shampooer and foam, which is spread over the area and suds is formed. The foam is worked through the fibers down to the base. Vacuuming removes the foam from the carpet. The dry powder method uses a dry formula sprinkled throughout the area onto the carpet and the dirt sticks to the powder. There is a small amount of moisture in the powder, as well as detergent and other solvents. The grime that is collected by the powder is then vacuumed up and out.

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning Bonnet cleaning methods are similar to that which cleans a hardwood or tile floor with a rotary head machine. The cleaning solution is worked into the carpet with the machine. Extraction is done externally with a machine usually found inside the cleaner’s truck or van. The machine sprays water and solution into the carpet, and then extracts the water and dirt together as it is forced through the other part of the machine.

Green Carpet Cleaning Solutions Green solutions to carpet cleaning include the use of Borax. Yes, this is the same Borax that was once used to freshen baby diapers in the laundry. It has so many uses, including carpet cleaning, and is environmentally safe in most instances. A paste can be made using the Borax, a little vinegar, and salt.
Use these ingredients in equal parts, make a paste, then rub it into the carpet. After three or four hours it should be dry and you can vacuum it out to find a clean carpet that smells fresh as a daisy. The vinegar helps to remove grease and stains, while the Borax disinfects the carpet.

What to do About Carpet Spills and Spots

Blotting with a clean white towel is the best initial attack for spills and spots that have occurred recently enough to still contain moisture.
Removing Spots and Spills from Carpet:: If you’re lucky enough to witness a spill on your carpet you may avoid a permanent resulting spot. A discovery after the fact isn’t necessarily a death warrant on your nice, new carpeting, as some can be saved with the right technique for removal. It depends what was spilled and how long ago it happened. Holiday events and parties seem to be typical for finding after-the-fact accidents as they may not be noticed until everyone has cleared out and gone home.

The first step when encountering a spill on your carpet is to refrain from putting anything on it until you have removed as much of the spill as possible first.
Blotting is best for liquid spills.
Use a clean towel.
Place the towel over the spot and press to cause the liquid to be absorbed by the towel or blotting cloth.
Don’t rub or scrub the spot. Just use a blotting motion.
After the cleaning solution is applied, blot again for best results.

Test the chosen spot cleaner on a remote place in the room that is not seen. Try under the furniture or behind it against the wall where discoloring won’t be obvious in case it damages your rug. Many cleaners are great for taking spots out, but may also be too strong for your particular carpet and might take the color out of it as well.

Remember not to rub the spot, even after you have applied the spot cleaner. Rubbing tends to spread the stain. Dab it onto the spot. Then start at the outside edge of the spill and work your way inward toward the center. Using a clean rag or towel, blot up any excess liquid that remains from the cleaning solution.

The very best thing you can use to cure your stains and spills on carpet and upholstered furniture is a white towel. The thick type is best. Be sure that you don’t use fabric softener on your towels so that they will absorb the maximum amount of liquid. This is a tip that works for regular bath towels, too.

Use the towel to absorb all excess liquid and keep blotting until as much as possible is gone. When the carpet has dried, use the same kind of towel to restore the nap of the carpet. Use the towel to rub back and forth lightly to get the nap to its original upright position.

What Kind of Water Damaged Your Floors

Water damage can be categorized into levels and it will depend on the source and contamination.
Water Damage Help: What kind of water has flooded your house? While this may seem like a silly question, it certainly does make a difference in how your home will be restored. There are different levels of water damage and the contents of the water will help to determine what solutions, chemicals, and equipment are needed to get the job done. When you speak to your professional carpet cleaner be prepared to answer this question for them, as they will certainly ask.

When you call a restoration specialist be prepared to tell them
where the water came from to best help make an assessment.

Water Damage Category 1
Water in category 1 will include clean water from known sources. This is water that leaks or floods from plumbing lines carrying clean water or bottled water. Sinks, toilets (on the supply line side, of course), and other faucets are included in this type water flood. Keep in mind, though, that once this clean water escapes its intended container it may become contaminated through contact with other substances. Where your sink pipes have burst and leaked all over the floor, they may have flooded through the area where you keep your cleaning supplies. It then changes category.

Water Damage Category 2
Category 2 water flooding includes water that has leaked from a source also containing soaps, chemicals, or urine. This type water could cause illness if left there or ingested. A faulty dishwasher, a frozen washing machine pump that bursts or overflows during the wash cycle, or a plugged toilet that overflows. There are no feces in this type overflow. Like Category 1, this water can also rapidly change to Category 3 under certain circumstances.

Water Damage Category 3
The worst water spill comes from a Category 3, which includes seriously unsanitary or otherwise contaminated water that could cause death or serious illness on contact. It will contain microbes and usually comes from flooding of rivers and waterways, sewer or septic backups, and any water containing fecal matter.

Time is a Factor to Save Your Home from Water Damage
Most of these flooding situations can be salvaged, but not always. It depends on the level of water spilled or flooded, the length of time it has been there, and what has been damaged. The size of the area will also make a difference in the salvage operation.

The area can be dried and the air dehumidified. At that point the restoration expert will determine the level of damage and what can be done to remedy the situation. Flooding is a huge job and is best left to professionals as it can be a real health hazard if not properly cleaned up.

Ask About Upholstery Cleaning – Unique Carpet Restoration

Your upholstery should be cleaned to keep it looking its best for a long time.
Tampa Bay Carpet Cleaning: There’s nothing like a nice, clean carpet throughout your home. Take off your shoes and enjoy the feeling of the restored texture and softness. Sit on the floor with the kids and watch their favorite video with them. Wouldn’t you like to have the same deep cleaning done on your upholstered furniture? It can certainly happen with today’s technology and equipment. You only need to ask your carpet cleaning professionals for a quote and a time frame.

The same principles apply to furniture as apply to carpeting. You must give your sofa, stuffed chairs, and other upholstered items regular cleaning and then have them more deeply cleaned occasionally. This helps to preserve the fabric and the color of each item. Like carpet, your chair cushions are made of fabric or materials that are broken down and worn through by every day dirt and grime. As careful as you and the family may be about avoiding the furniture when you are covered in dust, your kids and pets may not be so vigilant.

Pets, kids, and weather are no match for today’s advanced solutions and
equipment that help repel the everyday grime that enters your home.

You can relax knowing that an occasional cleaning by professionals will restore the items to their intended condition and remove the excess dirt and other substances that wear away at the fabric. A cleaning that includes pH balanced cleaning solutions and state of the art extraction equipment can remove even the deepest dirt and pet hair.

There are other options available to help you keep the furniture cleaner between professional appointments. Look for treatments that coat the fabric with protectant that repels water, spilled drinks, and food. Cleanup of spots and mess becomes so much easier with these treatments in place. They act as a guard or shield on the fabric without changing the color or character of the upholstery.

Pets always present an additional challenge in a home. They add a layer of grime, odor, and pet dander that the kids could never match. You can also protect your furniture from them no matter how well trained they are to stay off your favorite chair. We all know they sneak up and take a nap when we aren’t looking. No worries, though. With pet odor and stain protectant on your upholstered items they can easily be cleaned to look like new. These treatments leave your furniture without stickiness or residue of any kind. Keep your furniture looking new and clean for years to come.
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What Can Go Wrong Cleaning Carpets?

You can attempt to clean your own carpets, but things can, and may, go terribly wrong.
Unique Carpet Cleaning Restorations: I want to clean my own carpet. Everyone recommends that I call a professional. What could possibly go wrong? Well, lots of things can go wrong, but the bottom line is that you could potentially ruin your carpet. Whatever you decide to try, be sure you try it first in an inconspicuous place. Move a piece of furniture and try it under there, or try it up against a wall in a darker corner of the room that no one really sees. In any case, experiment and then wait to see what happens before you assume its fine and go on to destroy your beautiful oriental dining room rug.

Commercial Carpet Cleaners
If you plan to use a commercially available carpet cleaner that you can rent from the store, know this. These machines use chemicals that will temporarily brighten your rugs, but won’t get the deep dirt underneath. They will also cover stains, but won’t necessarily remove them so they’ll show up once again at a later date.

“ If your carpets and area rugs are valuable or you can’t afford to replace them,
you might want to leave it to the pros.”

Dry Cleaning Your Carpets
Dry cleaning uses a powder that you sprinkle onto the carpet, then brush it in and vacuum it up. It should be obvious that this is not the best choice, although it may be the easiest. The vacuuming usually leaves some of the powder in the carpet as residue and you might have to vacuum several more times to get it all out. It’s not the greatest for getting the carpet clean either, but will do in a pinch.

Bonnet Cleaners
Bonnet cleaners, the ones that look just like the hardwood floor buffers, are hard on the carpet fibers and shouldn’t be used on delicate rugs. They are constantly in motion and require a steady hand so you don’t grind out the carpet. Water extraction cleaners work well but require some expertise. They use lots of water, usually hot, which is not good for certain fabric rugs. Silk, for example, tends to become damaged if the water is too hot. Wool carpeting can become yellowed by scrubbing too hard, hot water, or other heat sources. Wool is also prone to shrinkage when it is washed in hot water, as you may have witnessed when you washed the handmade woolen sweater lovingly knitted for you by Auntie Mabel. It now fits the toddler downstairs. The same goes for wool carpet. In any case, you must be very careful when you attempt to clean your own carpeting, as there are many things that go very wrong.

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