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Carpets and Pets Can Co-exist

Pet odors can come from the obvious accident or from the buildup of hair shed from the animal daily, especially in warmer weather.
Carpet Cleaning Tip – Unique Carpet Restoration: Having pets in the home is common. The accompanying accidents and other incidents are also, unfortunately, common. If there is a pet in your home, you can almost bet that there will be days that pose a challenge to your upholstery and your carpeting.

Pets that shed will leave their winter coats behind everywhere they go. This is where you will be able to tell which chair the dog sleeps on while you are away at work. The big trick to having a pet in your home is to know just how to clean up after them so there is no permanent damage or lingering odor.

Urine stains must be cleaned up right away, as the dog or cat will repeat the performance if the smell remains there. Something all dog trainers know is that the key to house training is to clean up any accidents right away and to use a deodorizer to eliminate the traces of odor from the area. Dogs will go in the same place over and over as long as they can smell a prior accident.

Clean up accidents right away and neutralize the odors to keep the animal from repeating the offense.

To you, it’s an accident. To the animal, it’s a place to relieve themselves unless you erase the evidence. It’s important to completely do away with the accident site and use not only a deodorizer, but a neutralizer. Their noses are much better than ours and they can smell what we cannot. Neutralizing the odor will help to eliminate the site altogether.

Ask your carpet cleaning professional for an appropriate product to use between cleanings when there is a spot you must clean up right away. They may suggest a baking soda solution, vinegar, or commercial enzyme neutralizer. This should be kept on hand at all times for immediate action when an accident occurs.

As far as the pet hair goes, common sense will tell you that the hair should be removed regularly. Use a good vacuum to keep not only your furniture and carpets free of pet hair, but the drapes and other window coverings as well. Pet hair is protein and tends to break down, causing odor buildup that you may not be aware of. It will eventually give the whole house a general musty smell as the pet dander deteriorates. Vacuum thoroughly and use an odor neutralizing powder to help eliminate the residual smell of the pet hair that tends to get ground into the heavier traffic areas.