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With the Hoover SteamVac you’ll never have to rent any carpet steam cleaners again. With the Hoover Platinum collection of professional detergents (sold separately) you’ll have the same kind of results that would costs you hundreds from a professional cleaner.

The Hoover SteamVac uses the proprietary SpinScrub Multiple Brush System that literally lifts carpet stains and soils right out of the carper. With these 5 self-adjusting brushes, carpet stains are attacked at multiple angles for deep and thorough cleaning. Carpet fibres are surrounded and scrubbed clean.

This carpet cleaner has 3 different speeds for the brushes so you can determine the best approach for the job at hand. High is for deep cleaning of stuck in stains. Low is for gentle cleaning of delicate areas and you can also turn the brushes off for just quick and easy spill pick up. Additionally, the tool mode allows you to safely use the Hoover SteamVac on hard flooring without scuffing. It stops the scrubbing brushes.

There’s a 2-page “Quick Assembly Guide” and a 40-page manual. If you want your assembly guide with pictures and few words you’ll like the Quick Assembly Guide. Though if you prefer written instructions then starting on pages 4 to 6 of the manual is recommended. A quick tip to get the most out of your Hoover SteamVac is to use as hot as possible tap water. Even though this is a great carpet steam cleaner, it doesn’t “steam” in the traditional sense.

We’ve had this for about two weeks now, and we LOVE it! With three dogs, a muddy backyard, and light beige carpets in our rental, this thing gets used about every day. It’s really simple to set up, super easy to break down, and a breeze to clean. The carpets dry in a short amount of time (about 30 minutes max), and it also works great on bare floors. – Nicole A

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The Bissell Spot Bot is a hands free compact deep cleaner that also offers the ability of manual cleaning so you can really work out those tough stains. Included in this compact little package is Oxy Gen 2, Pet Stain and Odor Portable Advanced cleaning formulas. Not only are you deep cleaning, but it’s left smelling great too.

For those who don’t want to manually clean, you’ll find that both pet stains and soda stains are cleaned easily within 3 minutes. Just set up the Bissell Spot Bot and leave it to work its cleaning magic. If you have pets, or even kids for that matter, your carpet needs the Bissell Spot Bot.

Unique spiral cleaning allows the Bissell Spot Bot to “pick up” stains and spills without working them into the carpet as some other carpet cleaners will do. This carpet steam cleaner is gentle to all carpets and can be used repeatedly without fear of damaging your carpet.

A quick tip. You don’t have to use the detergent all the time with the Bissell Spot Bot. If your stain is reasonably fresh and not deep, you might want to try the Spot Bot with only hot water. As hot as you can get it from the tap. You’ll be amazed at the results with just hot water.

With the McCulloch steam cleaner you can melt away grease from grills, clean stains off of upholstery and floor mats without breaking a sweat. You’ll also find that this compact steam cleaner is great at cleaning car engines and alloy wheels too. Bringing them back to the shiny newness you once loved.

Steam lasts a very long time on this McCulloch carpet steam cleaner. The manual boasts 2 hours of steaming from the 48 ounce capacity, but you can get as much as 3 hours from it. It steam cleans without damaging the underlying material and easily removes soap scum, dirt, grout stains and brake dust on your car wheels.

A handy storage compartment is included and built into this steam cleaner. You can safely and easily stow away the 10 included attachments. Some of these very useful attachments include a triangular brush for hard to reach corners, the classic floor brush and 2 extension wands amongst several others.

In just about 10 minutes this carpet steam cleaner is ready to use. The hose is quite durable, and despite the warning stickers everywhere, none of the surfaces on the attachments have gotten so hot that they can burn. This steam cleaner is where quality at a cheap price meet.

The Hoover Steam Vac Dual V has a very powerful yet energy efficient 12 amp motor. This carpet steam cleaner offers a 20% wider cleaning birth than previous models while using just hot tap water and cleaning detergent.

Because of the dual V technology by Hoover, the entire path of this carpet steam cleaner provides equal suction. You will appreciate that the Hoover Steam Vac Dual V is an absolute sucker. At extracting water from your carpet. This unit boasts the greatest suction power amongst similar units.

Enjoy an 8 foot hose to reach those hard to reach areas like curtains. The cleaning brushes are also easily detachable so you can give them a quick clean so they remain effective from use to use.

This Hoover Steam Vac Dual V is one of the best. Cleaning a large 2,500 sq.ft. house, including all bedrooms, stairs, area rugs, etc. es easy and it does a fantastic job. The best thing about it is that it sucks up practically all the water that goes into the carpet in the first place. The carpet will be dry by the time you finish.

The Wagner 905 carpet steam cleaner is an environmentally steam cleaner that offers on-demand power with its 1,500 watts of deep cleaning steam power. The steam provides an excellent and safe method of sanitizing and cleaning your home as well as making the removal of wallpaper super easy.

Because the Wagner 905 doesn’t use harsh chemicals you can safely clean a variety of surfaces including, stainless steel, upholstery and carpets. Even grimy barbecues and greasy stovetops are quickly and easily cleaned with just a touch of the button on the ergonomic handle.

The Wagner 905 power carpet steam cleaner comes packed with all the tools you need including; wallpaper steam plate, floor cleaner attachment, 2 extensions tubes, the jet nozzle as well as a squeegee for both window and tiles.

Using the mop attachment is not a problem. This is a much better option than a steam mop and not much more expensive. It is surprising how much you can get done with one fill up and it is so much more versatile and powerful than many of the other carpet steam cleaners out there.

I read all of the reviews out there on Amazon and the web that I can find. I was down to this… the Shark vs. Wagner steamers. I saved $5 bucks by purchasing the Wagner. Guess what? EVERYTHING worked without reading the instructions. I LOVE IT! When people say in their reviews that they couldn’t stop cleaning stuff, it is SOOOOOO true. These are the things I have cleaned so far. 3 kitchen sinks. I went over to the stove. It lifted stains that I thought were permanent. This truly is a great investment, fun to use with FANTASTIC results. – K Montgomery