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Carpet Cleaning Sydney

At last, you can trust a Fully Licensed Carpet Cleaning Company to arrive on Time at your premises in Northern Suburbs

We use Certified Expert Tradespeople to show you how they will thoroughly and Professionally Clean your Carpets , and do Exactly what they Promise so that you will be 100% happy.

That’s The Chem-Dry Dry Fast Sparkle Promise, and your Guarantee of a Job Exceptionally well Done.

Let’s face it. When it comes to getting your carpets professionally cleaned before the arrival of a new baby in the house, a special anniversary coming up or you just want to ensure your family is safe from any lurking germs, mites or bacteria in the pile, unless you’ve used Ajay and his team at Dry Fast before, who do you really trust or truly rely on to get the job done properly.

Northern Suburbs Carpet Cleaning
Oh, by the way, as the Dry Fast name suggests, your carpets dry very fast after the Chem-Dry Dry Fast treatment. In just a couple of hours … not days.

Here are three critical questions you must ask any prospective carpet cleaning company before you even consider allowing them into your home:

Q1. Do you use internationally recognised systems and professionally researched and developed products to ensure I get the very best results?

Answer:Chem-Dry is one of the world’s largest carpet cleaning franchises whose resources are focused on producing the most effective technology and equipment together with the most advanced products and systems. All systems and products are proven environmentally friendly.

You can feel safe and secure knowing Chem-Dry Sparkle is using the latest proven green techniques to ensure your carpets are as hygienically clean and fresh as they can be. This protects and preserves your carpet for longer life and your family from any harmful health concerns.

Northern Suburbs Carpet Cleaning
Q2. Are your operators fully trained and certified in all aspects of carpet and upholstery cleaning and stain removal?

Answer: As a franchise owner I am personally responsible for a truly pleasing outcome for every job, especially yours. To do that, we only use dedicated, fully trained and certified carpet cleaning professionals.

They are character and reference checked so you know you can trust them completely in your home. Our reputation relies on great results and relationships every time and the only way to do that is to use the best people, systems, technology and products.

Q3. Do you stand by the quotation you give me over the phone?

Answer: Absolutely. Providing everything is as you describe to us we always stand by our quotations. In fact, if we find that there are any additional services you can benefit from we are obligated to point these out to you and because you are a customer you will automatically qualify for loyalty discount. Again, because we are looking for a long term relationship with you and referral business, we always look after you in every way possible.

If you have any other questions or concerns about your next carpet clean we urge you to give us a call. You’ll have everything explained to you in plain everyday language so that you understand everything completely. Everything is transparent and you’ll have have no reservations or concerns whatsoever.

You can also rest assured that as certified Chem-Dry Professional Operators we are licensed to look after any of your needs in the following areas: