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Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

When it comes to carpet cleaning Melbourne, you must know how to clean your carpets. Although you do not have to do it on weekly basis but a stained carpet can be a real eye sore. Carpet cleaning only requires a bit of commitment and hard work on your part if you want to do-it-yourself. But, if you do it on regular basis with right cleaners and procedures you can increase the life and beauty of your carpet.

Things you must know to clean carpet:

You must know the texture and type of carpet you have because different carpets need different techniques. Wool and silk carpet require different method and synthetic requires different approach. You must know what detergent to use. You must know what method to apply so that you can retain the lustre, texture and preserve the life of your carpet.

If you have kids and pets you can use stain guard to protect your carpet. But as you know the chemicals used in stain guards damage the ozone layer of the earth so try to stay away from it. So, how will you clean your carpet which is the first destination of your kids and pets while watching movies with snacks?

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne Do It Yourself techniques:

Some home based non-toxic techniques of carpet cleaning at home:
Whipped foamy detergent: Whip the detergent and dip a gentle brush in to it and scrub the carpet and then rinse off using the brush. Never use a laundry detergent but make the formula by mixing equal amounts of water with equal amount of liquid detergent and mix it with a hand mixer till it becomes frothy. Scoop out the froth on a sponge or brush and scrub on to the stains and then rinse off.

Light vacuuming: In order to remove the loose soil, you must do light vacuuming at least once a week on the carpet area which has heavy foot traffic.

Water: Use cool water to clean non-greasy stains.

Shampoo cleaning: For greasy stains use a shampoo cleaner and dab on a sponge or brush and agitate.
Hydrogen Peroxide: Dab on hard stains but do not rinse. Repeat this action on the spot till it is gone or becomes lighter.

Commercial cleaners: You can use commercial cleaners which provide easy, convenient and instant cleaning solutions for messes in your homes.

Carpet cleaning at home can be best done by regular vacuuming so that the dry dirt does not settle deep down into the fibres of your carpet and become stains. Pre-vacuuming must also be done over the surface of your carpet several times before you start your scheduled carpet cleaning.

You can even do carpet cleaning with a machine. This will save a lot of your money and time. For deep lying dirt, you can use deep cleaning vacuum machine which come with a water tank attached to it so that you can easily do shampooing or steam cleaning. For quick cleaning, you can use hand vacuums which come along with a power brush.

Enjoy your carpet cleaning by following these easy tips:

Vacuum at least once a week to avoid further staining. Add baking soda to fight odours. Add carpet fresheners to carpet cleaners. Use eco-friendly detergents to clean your carpets.
But, by and large carpet cleaning is very taxing and exhausting and requires a lot of time and energy. And above all you should possess knowledge, of the do’s and don’ts of carpet cleaning because if you get it wrong the results could be disastrous. If time does not permit, it is advisable to use professionals at least twice a year for your carpet cleaning purposes.

Professional Carpet Cleaners Melbourne:

Hiring professionals for carpet cleaning Melbourne services has many advantages like:

Certain reputed companies provide impeccable service and use latest technology and advanced machines which are gentle on the carpet but tough on stains and viciously attack the dirt which is not only on the surface but which is embedded deep within.

The reputed carpet steam cleaning Melbourne service providers not only use the vacuuming technique but also use spray extraction techniques and spray out the dirt under pressure and immediately vacuum away the dirt all in one single action and the result is deep clean carpet and upholstery free from oil, dust, mites, grease, gum, tar, ink stains, odours, dirt, etc.

Moreover, these service providers have expert professionals who have years of outstanding experience who can do your wall-to-wall carpet cleaning thoroughly.

Hiring professionals from carpet cleaning Melbourne services for your residence or commercial zones will revive your carpet’s look and preserve the beauty of your carpet for many years to come.