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Basic Vacuuming Can Save Carpets

Proper vacuuming is essential to extending the life of your expensive carpet.
Florida’s Professional Carpet Cleaning Service:To preserve your carpets for as long as possible, vacuum regularly and according to experts’ advice. There is a right way to vacuum and if you follow the basic instructions you could add much extended life to your expensive carpeting.

First, the timing is important. General carpeted areas of your home or office should be vacuumed at least once per week. Where there is heavy foot traffic, though, more frequent cleaning should be done. The grit and dirt that come in from the outdoors work to create a breakdown in the fibers, shortening the life of the carpet. Clean the edges completely by using the crevice tool attachment of your vacuum cleaner. This includes the areas of the floor where the regular vacuuming can’t reach like around large furniture, heating or radiator units, and crevices along the edges.

Go slowly as you move the vacuum across the carpet to be sure that you give the suction time to work and pull all of the dirt and debris out of the fibers. For best results, divide the carpet in a room into four sections. Do just one section at a time and go over it at least twice or three times. Dirt gets ground into the deepest layers and therefore takes time and several passes to remove thoroughly.

The carpet may become worn down and crushed under the feet of those who sit on sofas and other furniture. Where this is the case you will want to spend a little extra time to lift the fibers up to their original status. When flattened, dirt is allowed to hide under the carpet and can remain there until you lift those fibers and get to the bottom most layers. One way to effectively vacuum these areas is to use a crisscross pattern and overlap your strokes.

In order to help maintain the original loft and color of your carpeting, a soil retardant can be applied. This is helpful in reducing stains, repelling dirt and grime, and giving your carpet an overall layer of invisible protection. If you desire an application of one of these protective products, you should apply them only on brand new carpet after it has been laid down, or you can apply it after a thorough professional cleaning. In fact, the best protection can be applied by your professional carpet cleaning company in conjunction with their cleaning process.
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