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Your upholstery should be cleaned to keep it looking its best for a long time.
Tampa Bay Carpet Cleaning: There’s nothing like a nice, clean carpet throughout your home. Take off your shoes and enjoy the feeling of the restored texture and softness. Sit on the floor with the kids and watch their favorite video with them. Wouldn’t you like to have the same deep cleaning done on your upholstered furniture? It can certainly happen with today’s technology and equipment. You only need to ask your carpet cleaning professionals for a quote and a time frame.

The same principles apply to furniture as apply to carpeting. You must give your sofa, stuffed chairs, and other upholstered items regular cleaning and then have them more deeply cleaned occasionally. This helps to preserve the fabric and the color of each item. Like carpet, your chair cushions are made of fabric or materials that are broken down and worn through by every day dirt and grime. As careful as you and the family may be about avoiding the furniture when you are covered in dust, your kids and pets may not be so vigilant.

Pets, kids, and weather are no match for today’s advanced solutions and
equipment that help repel the everyday grime that enters your home.

You can relax knowing that an occasional cleaning by professionals will restore the items to their intended condition and remove the excess dirt and other substances that wear away at the fabric. A cleaning that includes pH balanced cleaning solutions and state of the art extraction equipment can remove even the deepest dirt and pet hair.

There are other options available to help you keep the furniture cleaner between professional appointments. Look for treatments that coat the fabric with protectant that repels water, spilled drinks, and food. Cleanup of spots and mess becomes so much easier with these treatments in place. They act as a guard or shield on the fabric without changing the color or character of the upholstery.

Pets always present an additional challenge in a home. They add a layer of grime, odor, and pet dander that the kids could never match. You can also protect your furniture from them no matter how well trained they are to stay off your favorite chair. We all know they sneak up and take a nap when we aren’t looking. No worries, though. With pet odor and stain protectant on your upholstered items they can easily be cleaned to look like new. These treatments leave your furniture without stickiness or residue of any kind. Keep your furniture looking new and clean for years to come.
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